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A new era in indoor grow lights for |
Through manipulation of light EVA3 enables cultivators to step up their growery.
Manipulate EVA3's light spectrum to deliver the precise intenities of every wavelength that the plant needs according to its genetics, growth stage, cultivation method, and yield goals.
Light up only productive spectra and save energy on lighting and air conditioning.
EVA3 is pre-loaded with proven light spectra that will get you productive from day one.
Optimize light
Optimize energy
Instant onboarding
The crop at your fingertips
Optional full HD cameras on each lamp bring each of the finest plant details to your screen.
Preserve knowledge
With the optional camera documenting the entire grow cycle, you can always review the history of a grow cycle and see how small early signs can signal pests, nutritional deficiencies, and other potential problems.
EVA3 at a Glance
EVA3 is a commercial grade horticulture grow light whose spectral curve can be dynamically manipulated in order to optimize the results of cultivation according to the crop's genetics, cultivation method and growth stage, as well as the grower's business goals.
Capture images under narrow band light that accentuates all the details your eyes would have missed otherwise.
With built in networking EVA3 can be managed from anywhere on your site; with its optional cloud connectivity - from anywhere on the internet.
With the EVA3 Room Controller, managing dozens of lamps per room is as easy as managing a single lamp setup.
See more than ever
Connect from anywhere
Scale the grow room
Preemptive maintenance
EVA3 automatically detects and alerts on faults before you notice, minimizing potential downtime and keeping the grow rooms constantly productive
EVA3 in your pocket
With its mobile apps, the power of EVA3's software is with you wherever you go.
About our company
We believe in revolutionizing world agriculture, by unleashing the potential of plants.
In a world of limited and depleting resources there is a need to harness the plant's capability to produce more. We in Fotonica refer to the light as any other plant input as such we believe this input should be better controlled and we offer the pathway ! We have a profound knowledge in plant's biology and lighting, this opens for our clients a broad spectrum of opportunities to maximize their yield quality & quantity and as a result gain the extra potential from their plants at reduced costs and increased profitability !

We deliver exceptionally effective and efficient bio-illuminationTM systems designed to optimize the growth of plants, while providing real-time data and analytics that ensure maximum confidence, control & profitability of your crops.

Our values:
  • Profitability
  • Confidence
  • Control
Our mission in Fotonica is to study the effect of light on cultivation and develop novel grow light technologies that improve the results of indoor farms. Through the manipulation of light we aim to reduce operating costs, increase yield and quality, and help cultivators make their products stand out in terms of aroma and medical effectiveness. Our knowledge, innovation and technologies are now available in our most advanced grow light ever - EVA3.
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